SPRING SING 2018 "Heroes and villains" MUSIC REVUE

Spring Sing is an original Music Revue at Harding University in the Benson Auditorium, the largest auditorium in Arkansas with a capacity of about 3,700 seats, and performed by about 1,000 students competing with their social clubs to raise money for charity. "Heroes and Villains" is Spring Sing giving tribute to the heroes and villains in comics, movies, and our lives. I was run-crew, helped High Tech Special Effects with the smoke and fog effects and the pyrotechnics, and was one of the Lighting Designers and Console Programmers. Photos courtesy of Harding University.

Here are the club shows in order they performed and at the end will be some examples of smoke, fog, and pyro effects I helped with.


“Please be mine”

by Gamma Sigma Phi and Pi Theta Phi social clubs


“The Magical, Mysterious, and Meddlesome Mission of Mclarty Elementary”

by Chi Omega Pi, Zeta Pi Zeta, Iota Chi, and Shantih social clubs


“Houston, we have a problem”

by Ju Go Ju, Ko Jo Kai and Sub-T 16 social clubs


“Cut Loose: the Barbershop Tunes”

by Omega Phi and Delta Gamma Rho social clubs


“The Tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth”

by TNT and Zeta Rho social clubs


“The Nuns are back in town”

by Delta Nu social club


“Snatched Away”

by Lambda Chi Theta and Phi Kappa Delta social clubs


“Coming Home: Plane and Simple”

by Chi Sigma Alpha, Regina, and Sigma Phi Mu social clubs

(No photos were taken from this club show)


Special Effects from Spring Sing 2018